Message Race

The Message Race is great for camping and birthday party games for kids.

Before You Begin

8 or more players
Ages 8 and up
Need: chalk or sticks for making lines


Make a starting line and a finish line 40 feet apart.

Kids divide up into 2 teams with the same number of players. They line up behind the starting line, single file.

The leader of the game decides upon a message to whisper to the first player in each line.

Messages can be one sentence or short tongue twisters.

At, "Ready, Set, GO!" the first player on each team runs to the finish line, turns around and comes back to cross the starting line.

He whispers the message into the next player's ear.

The next player then runs to the finish line, turns around, runs back and whispers the message to the 3rd player.

Play continues until every player has run the relay. When the last player on a team has run the race, she tells her team the message.

And . . .

If the message is correct or almost correct, that team wins.

If the message is too far off, the other team has a chance to win.

Once the other team's last player completes the relay, he says what the message is.

If that team is closer to the truth of the message, they win.

With both memorization and agility tested in this, it's definitely one teachers can play at school with their class.

It's hard to remember a message while you're on the move trying to beat the other players!

Want more challenge for older kids? Have them run backwards!

Let the children decide which ways they want to do this!

Give a booby prize for the team who is way far off from the original message!

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