Matching Socks

Matching Socks is one of the fun matching games and preschool kids games.

This is perfect for playing on laundry day as it allows your child to match up the socks before they get put in the drawer.

It also teaches children the importance of doing chores and helping out at home.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages: 2 - 5
Need socks


Once you're ready to sort through the socks, lay them on the bed and ask your child to match up the socks so both socks are identical in appearance, size and color.

This helps foster their thinking and concentration skills as well as recognizing sizes and shapes.

When the socks have been matched, let your child put his socks away in his drawer.

He'll feel a sense of pride for helping mom out and taking responsibility.

He can also sort socks for mom, dad and his brothers and sisters!

As an added bonus, have your child look at his socks to see if any are getting worn and should be thrown out.

This can be quite challenging when there are a lot of the same colors of socks.

Sometimes dark blue can be mistaken for black until it's seen in the right light.

Sometimes you think you have two socks matched up right until you go to put them on and one blue sock is twice the size of the other blue sock!

And then there's always the mystery of how two socks go into the washer but somehow one doesn't make it back out of the washer or the dryer!

Have fun matching socks!

Mix It Up

One of the good learning play ideas for little ones.


2 or more players
Ages: 2 - 5
Need pairs of different items, empty shoe box or storage container


Good items include crayons, pencils, coins, lids, cotton balls, bottle caps, poker chips.

Put all the items in the container and mix them up.

Let your child go through the container, pulling items out and setting them on the table or floor.

When she finds a match to an item she has laid out, she puts that item with its match.

When all items have been matched up, she can play again if she wants.

If playing with 2 children, the one to match her items up the fastest is the winner.

If playing for winners, use jelly beans, M&Ms or candy wrapped in colored papers. That way the kids can keep - and eat - these after they're done!

If you have spools of thread, they're fun and colorful for kids to play with, too.

As an added bonus with the thread, your child can learn colors, too, as she's matching up.

You can even ask her to pick two threads that are the same color but different shades. Explain to her what a "shade" means.

Then tell her to find opposite colors such as blue and green or red and orange. Ask her why she thinks these colors don't go together.

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