Match Box Cars

Match box cars is one of the fun toddler activities and preschool learning games.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: cars, ribbon or yarn


Lay two 3 foot lengths of ribbon or yarn on the floor about 8 inches apart. This will be the race track.

Give your child a car and let him propel the car BACK and FORTH between the track.

When she's moving the car FORWARD, talk about what that word means. Tell her that forward means the same as ahead or front.

When he backs the car up, talk about what BACKWARD means. Say reverse is what you do in a car when you are backing up.

Then tell her to move the car up or down when you say "forward" or "backward".

You can also play this when your child is standing up. Tell her to take 2 steps forward then 2 steps backward.

Then do 3 steps, 4 steps and 5 steps both backwards and forwards.

Play an activity with the match box cars. Tell her to move her car forward 1 time, then two times up to 5 times. See how far her car goes down the track.

Then have her move the car backwards. Talk about why a car may be backing up.

To get out of a parking space, to back up on a street, to get out of the garage.

Talk about how a car will normally go forward a lot more than backward. And, a car cannot be driven sideways!

Mirror Game

One of the fun dress up, toddler and discovery kids activities

Before You Start

Ages 2 - 5
Need: mirror, grown up clothes

Have Fun!

Let your child put on his favorite dress up clothes of mom or dad.

Have them stand in front of a mirror. Tell her to smile. When she does explain that this means she's happy.

Tell her when she cries, she's sad.

Show her what emotions like surprised, mad, pouting look like then get her to mimic the emotions while looking in the mirror.

Ask him or her to mimic the most common emotions of the person whose clothes they have on.

Then talk about the family pet. How does your dog look when he's happy? When he's nervous or scared?

How does your cat look when she's content? Can your child meow like the cat?

Tell your child to smile. Tell her to look at herself. What does she feel when she smiles?

Even if she doesn't want to smile, does it make her feel happy?

Then tell her to look sad. Does it change her mood and make her sad?

What does she like better, seeing herself smile or seeing herself be sad or pouting? Why?

How does he or she feel with mom's or dad's clothes on? Do they feel grownup? What does being grown up mean? Talk with your child about it.

If you have a digital camera, take a picture of your child while she looks at the mirror. Show this to her. What does she think?

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