Marbles Lawn Bowling

Marbles lawn bowling is a cool concentration game for kids and one of the fun outdoor games.

If you like to go bowling at the bowling alley, you'll like this smaller version of that.

No big ball is needed and no special shoes!

Before the Fun

2 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: marbles, chalk or string


Make a straight line about 4 feet long on the lawn with string. If playing on the sidewalk, draw one with chalk.

Each player takes 5 marbles. Make sure players can recognize their marbles!

If you have plain colored ones, give each player 5 of the same color.

There should be a larger marble as well. This will be the target marble.

Player # 1 kneels behind the line and shoots the target marble into the playing area.

She then shoots one of her marbles, trying to get close to the target marble.

Players can make a fist with one of their hands and then use their thumb to move the marble into the other ones.

You can also use your pointer finger to "ping" the marble into the others.

The captains will let the players know at the beginning of the play which way will be used.

Or, you can allow both ways to be used.

Players take turns until they have shot all of their marbles into the playing area.

It's okay to hit other marbles and even the target marble.

The player whose marble is closest to the target marble receives 1 point.

She also gets a point if her marbles are closer to the target than other player's marbles (one point for each marble).

The Finale

Rounds continue until a player reaches 21 points and is the winner.

Play as many rounds as you want.

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