Marbles Games

Marbles games are fun indoor and outside games for kids.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: marbles, chalk or string to make circle for playing area


Decide before the play begins whether any "captured" marbles will belong to the player who "captured" it or not.

Begin by making a circle from the string or chalk, approximately 4 or 5 feet across.

Give each player 5 marbles plus a "shooter" marble.

If there are larger marbles, these can be used as shooters since they can be identified by each player.

Smaller marbles are okay but make sure each player remembers what his shooter marble looks like!

Then each player puts his 5 marbles somewhere in the circle. The starting player kneels outside the circle and puts his shooter marble down.

He "shoots" his marble at the other marbles in the circle. He can roll his marble or flick it with a finger.

If his marble hits a marble in the circle, he takes another turn. He "shoots" his marble from where it is at in the circle.

He continues playing until he does not hit another marble or until his marble rolls out of the circle.

If he knocks another marble out of the circle, he "keeps" it, and the marble is not put back in play.

The next player takes his turn and play continues with each player taking her turn.

When round 2 starts, the player will "shoot" his marble from inside the circle if it is in there, or outside the circle if his marble is not in the circle.

If a "shooter" marble is knocked out by another player, the player whose marble was knocked out hands over her stack of marbles to the player who knocked her marble out.

She gets to keep her "shooter" marble so she can continue to play.

It's Over

When all marbles have been knocked out of the circle, the winner is the player with the most marbles.

Boss Out

This begins with player # 1 tossing his marble in front of him.

Player # 2 kneels down and shoots his marble, trying to hit the first marble or landing within a distance equal to the width of the player's thumb and his pinkie tip when his hand is spread out.

If player # 2 is successful, she wins both marbles. If she isn't, player # 1 gets his marble and shoots it towards player # 2's marble, trying to hit it or land within the "hand" distance.

The losing player, who gets his marble taken, begins the next round.

Play continues until a specific time is up or until one player wins all the marbles.

Enjoy the fun marbles games!

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