Make Invisible Ink

If you're looking for easy science experiments for kids, then make invisible ink at home! It's one of the cool chemistry games.

Wouldn't it be cool to write and not be able to see what you wrote?

With this experiment you'll be able to write without seeing - at first anyway!

The Pre-Show

Need: one sheet of paper (white), one lemon, small soup or cereal bowl, water, toothpick or q tip, spoon


Squeeze the lemon over the bowl. Once you have the juice, add about 3 drops of water to it and mix it up using a spoon.

Take the toothpick or q tip and dip it lightly into the liquid. Write something on the paper.

Once it has dried, take the paper and hold it over a light bulb.

Make sure the side you wrote on is nearest the light bulb and not facing you.

You should see the writing appear on the paper once it gets warm.

If you're using a sheet of computer paper, try folding it in half before writing on it.

Or use a sheet of white construction paper.


This is something elementary aged kids, up to 6th grade, will love to do as an in-class experiment.

Teachers can have the kids write their names.

Or have each child write the name of another classmate and write one word that compliments the child.

Example, Susie is instructed to write Tommy's name and one great thing about Tommy. She can write, "Cute".

Then she hands her paper over to Tommy who holds it up to the lamp.

Now you know how to make invisible ink!

Marbles Experiment

Marbles are a much beloved classic that parents have passed down to their kids for ages.

This experiment uses marbles in a stop and go action activity.

Before You Play

Need: 3 marbles, 2 rulers


Place the rulers side by side, 2 inches apart on a floor (no carpet!) or a table.

Tape the ends of the rulers together so that they stay in place.

Place 2 marbles between the rulers, 2 inches apart from each other.

Hit one marble lightly with your finger so that it hits the other marble.

You should see the marble that you hit stop while the marble that this marble hit will start to roll.

Next, put two marbles between the ruler so that they touch. Take a third marble and put it 2 inches from the other 2.

Using your finger, lightly move the one marble so it rolls into the 2 marbles.

You should see the rolling marble come to a stop, while the marble on the end starts rolling!

The marble in the middle should not move!

If you have two yardsticks at home, substitute these for the rulers.

Tape the edges together. You'll be able to put more marbles in between them and continue the experiment.

Start with 3 marbles and work your way up to 7. Take note of which marbles move when hit by the other marble and which ones do not.

Kids will love this phenomenon!

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