London is one of the fun outside games for kids that requires good aim and lots of luck!


2 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: small stone, chalk


Draw a rectangle 3 feet wide and 7 feet long on the sidewalk.

Then draw 6 lines inside the rectangle, the same space apart. You should have 7 spaces the same size.

Then at the top of one end, draw half a circle and write "London" inside. This is the "L area".

The first player begins by standing outside the line at the opposite end of the L area.

He tosses his stone onto the rectangle and watches where it lands. If it lands on a line or outside of the rectangle, it is the next player's turn.

If it lands in a space between lines, he draws a circle with chalk.

The players will be drawing stick figures and the circle is the head. He can put his first initial in the circle.

Each player takes a turn, drawing a circle in the space her stone lands in.

When round 2 begins, if a player's stone lands in a space where she has a circle drawn, she can add a stick to the head to form the body.

If she lands there a 3rd time, she makes a leg, and another leg on her 4th time landing in the same space. This completes a stick figure in that space.

If her stone once again lands in that same space at her next turn, she starts over by drawing a circle. The object is to draw 3 stick figures in one space.

If a stone lands in the L area, a player can decide where to add to her stick figure, or where to start another stick figure.

Once a player has 3 stick figures in one space, he wants to land his stone in the L area.

The End

Once his stone lands there, he draws a line between his 3 figures, connecting them and wins.

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