Little Kids Games

The little kids games for ages 2 - 5 offer games and activities for learning new words.

These kids activities, preschool craft ideas and toddler activities offer fun play ideas your toddler will enjoy.

If you want your kids to play activities that are educational and help them build their vocabulary, these fun activities give you lots of ideas for keeping their minds engaged.

All of these should be played inside, and require either inexpensive or no materials.

Be sure to supervise at all times.

Kids really do want to learn, and it's important to make their learning not only educational but fun.

Make it Fun

When toddlers equate learning with fun, they won't be apprehensive about doing it.

When they see positive outcomes from helping others, they will want to do more of that, too.

cartoon girl with a blue apron, gold chef's hat holding a covered plate

These let kids learn while playing, interacting and helping mom and dad around the house.

Let your child play while also learning responsibility and honing his critical thinking skills.

They offer fun Christmas games for kids and cooking games for kids.

There's also:

  • dress up
  • Easter
  • halloween
  • abc
  • money
  • nutrition
  • problem solving
  • spelling
  • and word games.

Enjoy these play ideas with your little ones!

Fun Block and Comics Activities

Crayon Colors and Fun Food Activities

Fruit and Grocery

Holiday Symbols and Kid Vacations

Match Box Cars and Mirror Activities

Pair of Words and Paper Airplane

Fun Potato and Fun Sentence Activities

Silly Names and Name Game

Wish and Word Art

Have fun with your kids with these activities!

Let them get creative, use their imaginations and have fun!

Learning should be fun with age appropriate things for children to do.

Young minds need constant thinking and reasoning skills to help them grow and develop.

With constant interaction, fun and active things to do, your toddler will be well equipped to enter school.

He or she will learn satisfaction from helping others, and that they can learn in almost anything they are doing at the present time.

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