Limbo is one of the fun indoor, outside, teamwork and birthday party games for kids.

How low can you go?!

Another great classic that's been around for a lot of years.

The reason is simply because it's a lot of fun!

So limber up, stretch out and see how low you can get!

If playing indoors be sure to play on carpeting.

If playing outdoors, play on grass or sand at the beach.

You can use music for this if you want to.

Either way, enjoy the fun and laughter you'll have with your friends!


4 or more players
Ages: 3 and up
Need stick


Have 2 players each hold one end of the stick. It should be about the same length as a broom handle and held just under shoulder height.

The other kids line up behind them, one behind the other.

The first player goes, wiggling, ducking and having fun going under the stick without touching it.

Players can do any move they want to help them get under the stick as long as their head goes under last.

Once all players have gone, the stick is lowered a few inches and players line up and go again.

Each time all players have gone through, the stick is lowered a few inches.

When a player can't make it under the stick or a part of his body touches the stick, he's out of the game.

The winner is the last remaining player.


This is also fun played in teams. Once a team member can't get under the stick, he's out.

The team that has the last player remaining is the overall winner.

If you can't find a stick for the kids to use, you can always use a broom.

So, how low were you able to go?

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