Lemon Pudding

Make lemon pudding with your child and he'll learn the color yellow.

This is one of the fun cooking games for kids and preschool educational games.


Ages 2 - 5
Need: box of pudding


Cook up some yummy lemon pudding and your child learns that it's yellow.

If the pudding is turning into a pie, let your child watch the transformation from the box to the yummy out of the oven pie.

Ask your child to name other things that are yellow as you work.

If there are yellow items in your kitchen, ask him to point them out to you.

Give her a piece of pie or a little pudding to eat once it's cooked.

Talk about the sun being yellow. Say that yellow is a happy color and how the sun warms us.

Go through her crayon box with her. Help her pick out all the different shades of yellow crayons.

See how some are dark yellow while others are pale yellow.

Let her draw a picture with all the yellow crayons. Compare the different colors on the paper.

Ask her if she likes yellow. Why or why not?

Give her a blue crayon. Have her mix the two colored crayons. What new color does it make? Give her a green crayon to repeat the process.

Does she have any yellow clothes in her wardrobe? What's her favorite garment?

Ask her what other foods are yellow. Bananas are and so is corn. Lemonade is yellow.

Make a Collage

To help kids learn the color white.

This is one of the fun craft ideas for kids and preschool Easter activities.

Before You Start

Ages 2 - 5
Need: construction paper, cotton balls, q tips, glue, white crayon


Give your child his favorite color of construction paper. Draw a bunny shape on the paper.

Give him cotton balls and q tips and help him glue them on the bunny shape to make a fluffy rabbit.

cartoon bunny with a green bow tie

Talk about the white color of the cotton balls and q tips. Ask him what other things are white.

When his bunny is complete, give him a white crayon to color in the rest of the paper.

You can also have him make a fluffy sheep or give him blue construction paper and draw clouds in the sky.

Glue the cotton balls on to make fluffy clouds.

Have him point out things that are white around your house. Maybe towels, dishes, tissues or walls.


Let your child draw a picture of Santa Claus. Give him cotton balls to make a beard for Santa.

Talk to him about why Santa has a beard.

Tell him it helps keep him warm in the cold North Pole.

Ask him what else is in the north pole. Have him draw an igloo and use the cotton balls to make snow.

Let him make a snowman out of cotton balls and help him glue it to the construction paper.

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