Leap Frog Game

Leap Frog game is one of the fun outdoor kids games and group games for kids.

Another activity that's a classic and played for a lot of years!

This should be played on grass.

This is great fun for kids! It tests their perception and their ability to jump over things.

It also hones in on their agility skills.

Get the kids up and moving at home or at school.

Teachers can take the kids outside if there's a grassy area around.

Let the kids get out some excess energy and have fun!

How many jumps does it take to get over the finish line?


4 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: sticks for making lines


Begin by making a starting line and a finish line about 50 feet apart. Players pair up, making teams.

It's best to have 6 players so you can make 2 teams of 3. If there are only 4 players, there's no need to make teams.

The first player on each team gets as low on the ground as he possibly can on the starting line.

green frog with a blue shirt

The other players form a line behind him.

At, "Ready, set, GO!" the second player runs up to the first player, puts her hands on his shoulders and jumps over him.

When she lands, she lays on the ground like the first player.

The third player has to jump over player 1 and player 2, one at a time.

If there's a 4th player, she then jumps over all 3 players one at a time.

After all players have jumped, the player on the end (closest to the starting line) gets up and jumps over the other players, one at a time.

The End

This continues until a team has crossed the finish line by leaping over a player and wins.

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