Leaf Science Game

The leaf science game is one of the cool science experiments for kids!


Need: a potted plant and one green leaf on it, a piece of dark construction paper, paper clips or tape.


Cut the construction paper into 2 squares that are larger than the leaf.

Place the leaf between the two cut out paper squares.

Using paper clips or tape, secure all four sides of the paper.

Continue watering the plant as normal.

After 7 days have passed, uncover your leaf. It should be a lighter green than the other leaves on the plant.

A plant's leaves are green because of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll needs light to make the leaves green.

If there's no light and no chlorophyll being made, the green color fades.

Once the construction paper is removed, the leaf will get light and get darker in color.

Keep an eye on the leaf over two or three days once the construction paper has been removed from it.

Do you see it regaining its color? How long is it taking to get back to the color it was before it was deprived of light?

Does it ever reach the color it was before it was deprived of light?

Try the same experiment by placing the leaf between two sheets of white computer or notebook paper.

Once the paper is removed in a few days, what color is the leaf? Is it lighter or darker than when construction paper was used?

Enjoy this leaf science game.

Light Experiment

Before You Start

Need: a white handkerchief and a lamp


If the lamp has a shade on it, remove it and set it aside.

Get your handkerchief and stand about 5 feet away from the light bulb.

Open up the handkerchief and hold it up so you're looking through the handkerchief to see the light bulb.

You should see light in the center with shades of yellow and orange appearing around the center light.

You have a cool starburst!

Try it again with a tissue and see what color patterns you see!

Write down the colors you saw when you used the handkerchief and when you used the tissue.

Do you see the same colors? Or are different colors present depending on which one you are holding up to the light?

Try using a colored handkerchief or tissue. Do you see more or less colors? Is it easier to see with the white or the colors?

What colors are predominant using the colored tissue or handkerchief?

Then try putting a white tissue on top of the white handkerchief and hold up to the light.

Are you seeing any colors? Which ones?

Or do the two on top of each other set up a barrier where the colors are harder to see?

Then put a colored tissue with a white handkerchief, and then a colored handkerchief with a colored tissue and see what color combinations appear!

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