Laskers is a fun learning game for kids. It's also one of the cool kids board games and fun indoor activities.


2 players
Ages: 9 and up
Need Laskers board or checkerboard, checkers


Players want to capture opponent pieces or stop them from making any more moves on the board.

If you're using a checkerboard, you'll need to reduce the 64 squares down to 49 (7 rows of 7 squares). You can tape the extra squares off with tape.

Players choose their checkers color then place them (plain side up) on the red (light) squares on their first 3 rows. If no plain side, put the star side up.


Checkers often have one plain side and the other side either not marked or marked with a different symbol.

If your checkers don't have these, you can put a piece of tape on one side of all the checkers.

The player who has the lighter colored checkers begins and makes a move by moving one of his pieces forward, remaining on the lighter colored squares.

The next player then makes a move. Play continues with each player making one move per turn.

Player's can jump an opponent's piece if there is an empty square beyond that.


The jumped piece stays on the board but it is placed underneath the piece that jumped over it and is now a column.

The top piece of the column is a "guide".

If a player's piece arrives at his opponent's last row, the piece is now an "officer".

It is turned over on its other side. It can move backward now, staying diagonally on the light squares.

A column can be an officer as well and is entitled to the backward moves.

If a column gets jumped, the top checker is removed and replaced with the player's own checker color. All other checkers are not removed.

If an officer jumps a column belonging to the opponent, the jumping checker can jump backwards over that column again. Then the next player goes.

When a piece is captured, it is put at the bottom of the column that jumped over it.

Once a piece becomes an officer, it stays that, even after it is captured.


The winner is either the player who captures all his opponent's checkers or who blocks his opponent from making any more moves.

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