Label Game

Label game is one of the fun educational and interactive games for kids.

This is a fun learning activity made with your own homemade match cards.

Before You Begin

2 or more players
Ages: 2 - 5
Need cans of vegetables, index cards


You'll need to peel the labels off of your canned food, and will need at least 2 of the same kind of canned food or vegetable.

Once they have been peeled off, tape them onto index cards.

Mix the cards up and let your child pick one of the cards.

Once she sees what canned food she has, spread the remaining cards out on the floor or table and let her find the matching label.

You can also play this label game without peeling them from the cans.

After you get back from the grocery store and before putting the cans in the cupboard, line the cans up on the table.

Have your child choose one, then she has to look for the other can that matches what she chose.

You can also play this for color matching.

If one label has blue and red in it, have your child look for other labels with the same colors.

Or, if you have cans of peas, green beans, corn and beets, have your child match the 2 cans that have the same colored vegetables.

You can also help her learn large and small. Have her arrange the cans on the countertop in order of smallest to largest.

Then have her reverse it and line them up from largest to smallest.

Magazine Game

One of the fun Christmas party, birthday party and learning activities for children.


2 or more players
Ages: 2 - 5
Need magazines or Christmas cards


If playing during Christmas, use different Christmas cards. At other times you can use magazines.

Tear out 4 different pictures for each child. Cut each picture in half. Mix these up, then give back to the kids to match up their pictures.

You can play this to find a winner, in which case the winner will be the child who matches her pictures up first.

Or you can make every child a winner once he or she matches up the top and bottom halves of his or her pictures.

You can even play in teams. At "go" each child on each team assembles his puzzle. The team that gets all their puzzles together first is the winner.


For older kids, cut them into 4 or more pieces to make it more challenging for them.

Postcards are good to use, too.

Unused greeting cards are another good item to play this with. Kids like pretty pictures!

Around Halloween, look through the magazines to find Halloween related pages. Use these pages to cut up as the kids' puzzle pieces.

Do the same around Easter. Look for bunnies, Easter baskets or candy themed pages to cut up and let the kids put back together.


This is a great activity for preschool and kindergarten classrooms.

Ask the students' parents to bring magazines they've read into school for this project.

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