Knucklebones (also called Five Stones) is a good concentration game for kids. They also need good coordination.

The Pre-Show

1 or more players
Ages 7 and up
Need: dice or jacks


The first player kneels down and puts 5 dice or jacks in the palm of her hand.

She must make 5 moves with these objects. If she misses a sequence, her turn is over and the next player takes a turn.

She will start with what she missed in the next round.

For the first move, a player tosses all 5 objects in the air and tries to catch all of them on the back of her hand.

Then she throws them up in the air (using only the back of her hand) and catches them in her palm.

If all 5 objects fall to the ground, the next player goes. If 1 - 4 objects are on the ground she can move on to the second move.

But first she has to keep one object in her throwing hand and the rest in her other hand.

Then she has to toss the one object in her hand into the air and pick up an object off the ground with that same hand, and catch the object as it comes back down in the same hand.

She does this for each object that is on the ground that she needs to pick up.

Once that is done, she can do the second move. She puts all objects on the ground.

One object is picked up and tossed in the air. She has to pick up 2 objects on the ground and then catch the object in the air - all with the same hand.

She repeats to pick the remaining objects off the ground.

The third move is like the second move, except just one object is picked up off the ground the first throw.

The second throw, 3 objects are picked up.

The fourth move is the same as moves 2 and 3 except all 4 objects must be picked up at one time.

And . . .

The winner is the player who completes all 4 moves.

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