Kids Science Games

The kids science games offer fun and easy science experiments.

When doing these science activities, be sure to have an adult near by to supervise the kids' activities.

These activities and experiments are great discovery, water and food play ideas for children.

These all use common household items including food.

The children will be amazed at what simple food objects and ordinary household items can change into.

They'll be delighted to see an item change shape, form and color.

So gather up some items with your child and let the amazement, wonder and awe begin!

Home or School

Parents can do these experiments with their kids at home, and teachers will find these good science activities to do with their students in the classroom.

Let the kids get hands on, and they'll take more of an interest in learning.

These foster creativity, critical thinking, curiosity and logic in youngsters.

Science, from the early ages, has amazed and astounded.

These fun learning activities for kids will live up to that expectation.

Enjoy these science activities!

Bouncing Egg and Candy Experiment

Candy and CD Activities

Chalk and Color Experiments

cartoon girl in a blue dress holding a red potted plant

Concentration, Fingerprint and Cornstarch Activities

Floating Ball and Egg

Leaf and Light Activities

Make Invisible Ink and Marbles Games

Milk and Water and Newspaper Activities

Ocean Waves and Paper Clips

Paper and Pen Caps

Plastic and Potato Activities

Spoon and Straws

String and Thermometer

Water Activities

Enjoy homemade science discoveries for kids both in and out of school.

These are good to use in the elementary classroom as well as early junior high school.

Kids love to know why something happens; especially when they thought it couldn't happen!

Discovering why something happens as well as what makes it happen will satisfy kids' curious minds.

Have some fun with your child. You might even be amazed yourself at some of these results!

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