Kids Party Food

If you're planning kids birthday parties, you're probably wondering what kids party food you should serve to please your party guests.

You know what party activities you're doing, you've got some cool and fun party games for kids but what should you serve?

It doesn't have to be complicated or even that expensive!

Snack Ideas

Make sure to have snacks for the kids. Chips, pretzels, doritos and a bag of party mix are all good choices.

For drinks, you can serve soda, ice water, or make your own punch.

Punch will serve a lot of kids and tastes good on a summer afternoon.

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Cool Decorations

Go to the dollar store and get the party star's favorite color napkins and paper plates. Get some plastic utensils, too. Then pick up some balloons and streamers.

Food Ideas

You can match the food you serve to the theme of your party. If you're going for a casual theme, hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill are great.

Or get different lunch meats and breads and let the kids make sandwiches. Check with your favorite sub shop to see if they offer specials on foot long subs, too.

Pizza is a favorite at parties as well. Depending on your budget and how many guests there are, you may want to consider a pizza party. Order it and there's no cooking involved.

A basket of crackers, some cut up cheese and a bowl of grapes are nice sides to go with the main party food.

If the kids like veggies, make up a veggie tray with some dip. Stores often have fruit trays and veggie trays already made up, so that's an option as well

Kids like cupcakes and if you don't like to bake, check at your local store. Or a boxed cake mix is good and not expensive.

If you're serving ice cream, you can serve it in plastic bowls (from the dollar store), make milk shakes, or if you have fruit, make smoothies for the kids. A little creativity can go a long way.

Another idea is to ask each guest to bring one snack food or one dish. That way you'll have a variety of foods.

If you want the guests to each bring a dish, let them know they don't need to bring a gift. The food will be the gift.

With some imagination and creativity, your child's party will be a big hit.

Focus on what the kids like, whether you want to cook or not, and your budget and the kids party food will be as easy as playing kid games.

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