Kids Outdoor Games

The kids outdoor games are classics loved by generations. They are great playground games (as well as neighborhood sidewalk entertainment).

School teachers can use these activities in gym classes, on playgrounds and as fun recess recreation for children.

They also make for great entertainment at summer camps and on picnics.

Hop scotch is great for developing kids balance and hand - eye coordination.

It's one of the fun blacktop activities played on streets and sidewalks.

Grab some chalk, draw the playing area, and you're set to begin.

Lots of Play Ideas

jumping rope

Jump rope is a good concentration and critical thinking activity as kids focus on rhythm and movement.

It's great exercise, too.

The rhymes kids sing while skipping rope make it even more enjoyable.

For more of a challenge, kids can use two ropes to hop. It's not so easy at first try!

But when you get the hang of using two ropes, you'll love it!

It may take some practice, but soon you'll be both swinging and jumping.

Marbles requires good concentration and good aim while Jacks requires quickness and agility for scooping up the jacks!

Jacks can be played by one child or a group of children.

We have a few marble activities that kids will enjoy playing.

Enjoy these outdoor activities!

Parents will recognize these from their childhood, too.

These are fun classics that are timeless and enduring.

Parents and teachers will find these are suited to different ages and classroom grades.

These activities get kids up and moving, and let them use their muscles, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Learning should be fun. When it is, kids will ask for more.

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