Kids Movies Party

When looking for kids birthday party ideas, a fun idea is a kids movies party. It's a nice slumber party idea as well.

If you're having a combined movie and slumber party, be sure to have enough movies to keep the kids up all night!

Movie Ideas

Plan on having two movies with different themes such as musical, comedy, drama, scary or animated movies.

Before the party, ask your child and his or her friends what movies they would be interested in seeing.

Once you have a list, let your child pick the two movies her or his friends will watch.

Invitation Ideas

For the movie party invitations, look online for clipart of old fashioned movie cameras, a clapboard or movie film pictures and design your own invitations.

Another idea is to buy boxes of microwave popcorn, write the kids movies party details such as date, time, place and RSVP information on a note, then tape the note to an individual popcorn pack.

Let your child pass these out before school or around the neighborhood.

You can also use tickets if you have them and write the party details on the back of the ticket.

If the number of attendees will be ten kids or less, you can buy a bag of candy in boxes, such as chocolate covered raisins, and attach a note with the party details to the small box of candy.

If there's more than ten kids, this could get expensive depending on how many small boxes of candy are contained in one bag.

Where To Have The Party

Plan to have a movie party in a room large enough to hold all the kids, one that provides privacy and has enough room for the kids to stretch out and enjoy the show.

If the room contains a sofa and chairs, be sure to also have large pillows, bean bag chairs, and even sleeping bags for the kids.

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If your family are movie buffs and have movie dvd covers around, tie these to balloons for neat party decorations. You can also put up movie posters and movie ads from your local newspaper.

What to Eat

Kids party food for movie night should include popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, french fries, drinks and candy. A lot of grocery stores, dollar stores and discount stores have boxes of movie candy fairly cheap.

Party Games

Charades is a fun activity to play at this party. Have each child write down two or three of their favorite movies.

Each child will pull a piece of paper out and then act out the movie scene for all to guess.

Hangman is another fun play idea with all answers being movies.

You can also have a scavenger hunt with movie star pictures hidden (cut them out of magazines or the newspaper.) Whoever finds the most pictures gets a special prize.

Movie parties are fun for kids of all ages and are a good choice when you're not sure what type of party to throw for your child. Have fun with the planning AND the party!

Enjoy the kids movies party ideas!

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