Kids Birthday Parties Locations

Kids birthday parties are special occasions for family, friends and the star of the party.

Choosing a location can be tricky. Will it fit your budget?

Do you want an inside or outside location?

Is it accessible and easy to get to for your family and the other invitees?

Think of the party activities your child will want.

Does she prefer indoor party games?

Does he like sports and want outdoor party activities?

This can help you pick the perfect party spot.


If it's a smaller party, you can have it at home, inside or out in the yard.

Yards are great for BBQ's with hot dogs and hamburgers. Add some chips, pretzels and soda, and you have a nice inexpensive party.

If you have a pool, swim parties allow the kids to cool off if it's hot outside. If you don't have a pool, consider a lake or beach near your home.


Another option is a local park, complete with picnic tables, volleyball nets, swing sets and areas that children can play. These areas often have grills so bring some hot dogs and hamburgers.

If your city has a waterpark, this is great fun for the kids as well.

Once again, there's usually pavilions or areas to have a picnic lunch once the partiers are done playing on the water slides.

Inform the other parents beforehand on the cost. Maybe one will want to accompany the party group.

An amusement park is also a good place for kids birthday parties. Kids can ride their favorite rides then gather together for some good food and birthday cake.

Make sure the parents of the attendees know the cost of the park rides so each child can pay his own way.


Kids love this food! Rent out a room at your favorite pizza shop. It's extra special if the pizza place has video games or other kid games to play.


boy in green outfit holding a chocolate cake with 4 candles

Take the group to a local bowling alley. You can bring a cake and food along such as sandwiches and snacks, order pizzas at the bowling alley (if they have them) or have the kids each order their own hot dogs, hamburgers or other food they want off of the menu.

Once again, inform the other parents of the cost beforehand.


If your child's friends like to roller skate, rent out the local roller arena for a few hours.

Inquire as to their food policies, whether you can bring food in or get a discount off their posted menu items.

Putt Putt

Miniature golf is also a fun sport kids love. Gather the gang at the golf spot, then take them for ice cream afterwards.

Once again, inform the other parents of the cost of the outing. Offer to buy the ice cream as the kids party treat.


For the enthusiasts, find a local baseball diamond or tennis court. Take the kids to play there.

Pick up some pizzas on the way over, some snack foods, soda and ice and have a party and a fun spur of the moment baseball or tennis game with the kids.

When the activities are over, celebrate with cupcakes or a birthday cake.

Kids birthday parties are special to each child, and you can find a place to hold your child's birthday party that won't break the bank.

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