Kids Bible Games

Kids bible games help children learn more about Jesus, God and their faith through art work, role playing and acting, vocabulary and teambuilding games, and through using their senses.

Bible study games are good for use as bible school games and at home play that parents can play during prayer time, on Sundays or any other day of the week.

Families can do one activity or game a week in addition to regular family church or prayer time.

It's a good way to deepen your religious knowledge together as a family with fun, creative activities.

Quiet Time With God

6 or more players
Need bandannas

Divide the kids into 2 equal groups. The first kid in each group puts a bandanna over his eyes so he can't see. His teammates walk him to the opposite side of the room while the other kids make a lot of noise. The blindfolded kids then try and make it back to their teammates by listening to their voices.

Discuss how the blind man came to know and love Jesus by following his voice. You can then discuss how the noise and distractions in everyday life make it hard to listen, find and hear God's voice.

Prayer Circle

6 or more players

Place the kids in a circle. The leader starts and offers a prayer for the child to her right. That child then offers a prayer for the child on her right. Play continues around the circle until each child has offered and received a prayer.

Jesus is the Light

6 or more players
Need 6 small candles, plastic cups, water

Divide the kids into 2 even teams. Place 3 candles 10 feet away on each team. Give the first child in each line a cup half filled with water. Each team takes turns trying to extinguish the candle by throwing their glass of water on it. The first team to do that wins.

Discuss how Jesus is the light of the world and different ways people extinguish Jesus's light in the world. Talk about how dark the world is without the light of Jesus.

Biblical Acts

6 or more players

This is one of the kids bible game that fosters role playing. Read a biblical story. Let the kids become the characters and act out the verse as a play.

Keeping Away From Sin

8 or more players

This is an outside game that needs to be played on a sidewalk. Have the kids form 2 teams of equal players. The first team lines up on the sidewalk and holds hands. Have them walk sideways down the sidewalk telling them they must not step on any cracks as these represent sin.

Or you can have them line up behind each other and hold the hand of the person in front of them and the person in back of them.

Talk about how hard or easy it was to avoid sin or to get into sin. Discuss how their teammates helped them avoid sin, or could have helped them to avoid sin.

My Disciple

8 or more players

One kid is Jesus. The kids spread out and at "go", Jesus runs and tags other kids. These kids will follow Jesus and be his disciple. The disciples then go and tag other kids so these kids are disciples, too. This is one of the kids bible games where you can talk about what it's like to follow Jesus and things kids do who follow Jesus.

Heavy Load

4 or more players
Need plastic clear cup half filled with water (cup needs to be see through), marble

Gather the kids in a circle by the cup. Talk about things that weigh people down and are burdens. Drop the marble in the water and continue discussing burdens as the marble sinks and hits bottom. Discuss ways that Jesus lightens the load for those with heavy burdens and how other kids can lighten each other's burdens.

Comfort Hands

2 or more players
Need construction paper, scissors, pencil

Have each child trace his hand on the paper, then cut it out. Write a biblical word or verse that communicates love. Have each child pat the other children on their backs with his verse of love to share his love with each child.

This is one of the kids bible games where you can let each child talk about what love means to him and how Jesus's love is special in his life. How does he know and feel that Jesus loves him?

Say What?

6 or more players

The kids form a circle. The leader whispers a biblical verse into a child's ear. The child must then repeat it to the next person who then repeats it to the next person. The last child says the verse out loud.

The verse will usually be different than what it started out to be. Discuss how Jesus's message gets twisted up in today's world and what a difference the misworded message can make in life. Discuss how to listen openly to hear what Jesus is really saying.

Have fun playing kids bible games with your family, your students and your religious school friends and playmates as you learn more about the book of the bible.

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