Kick the Can

Kick the Can is one of the fun kids summer outdoor games and preteen games.

This should be played outdoors in a large yard or field where nothing can be broken!

Before You Begin

3 or more players
Ages: 6 and up
Need aluminum can


Players pick "home". They can place sticks on the ground or use a tree stump or rock. The can is placed beside home base.

The player who is the kicker ("it") kicks the can as far as he can while the other players hide.

He then goes and gets the can, comes back to home base, closes his eyes and counts to 50.

Or, he can just step on the can instead of kicking it, close his eyes and count to 50.

After he's done counting he shouts, "ready or not here I come!" and tries to find the hiding players.

When he finds a player who's hiding, he runs back to home, steps on the can, shouts the hider's name and "kick the can, 1, 2, 3".

The found player is captured and stands at home base while "it" goes in search of more hiding players.

Hiding players can try and get to home base without being found by "it".

If they do, they have to kick it as far as they can, shout, "home free" and then the captured players can rehide.

"It" has to go and pick up the can, return it back to home base and then seek out the hiders again.

However, if the seeker sees a hider running for home base, he can try to touch home base before the hider gets to the can and kicks it.

If he does, no captured players are freed.

"It" can now capture that hider by calling her name and stepping on the can.

That hider now stands by the player she attempted to rescue at home base.

Play continues until all hiders are captured. A new seeker is chosen for the next round.

This can be the first or last player captured.

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