Kick Ball

Kick Ball is one of the fun team games and playground games.

Some playgrounds already have bases on them, if so making bases won't be necessary.

If playing on a quiet side street, bases have to be drawn.

If playing on a baseball field bases will already be there. Sticks can form bases on grass.


6 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: kick ball, chalk or sticks


If drawing bases with chalk on blacktop, make the bases in a diamond formation. First base will be to the right. Make each side about 25 feet long.

Then 2nd base at the top of the diamond, 3rd base to the left, across from first base, and home plate at the other end of the diamond, down from 2nd base.


Players divide into 2 teams with the same number of players.

The person rolling the ball gets in the middle of the playing field. The team in the field spreads out amongst the bases and the outfield.

The team kicking lines up behind home base. They can count off to determine which order they kick.

Play begins with the roller rolling the ball. The kicking player tries to kick the ball as far as she can.

If she misses the kick, the next player goes.

Alternatively, players can decide before the game starts to give players another kick if they miss one.

If the player kicks the ball outside of either 1st or 3rd base, that's out of bounds.

A player gets another kick. If she kicks it out of bounds 3 times in a row, the next player kicks.

If the kicker kicks the ball within the playing area, she then tries to run to first base without being tagged.

If she sees the ball is far out in the field, she can try running to other bases as well.

The kicker can be out by being tagged with the ball, by having the ball thrown at her to tag her (not hard please!), or by the ball being thrown to that particular baseman before the kicker reaches it.

If the ball is kicked in the air and is caught by a player on the other team, the kicker is out of that round.

The next player then kicks. If his ball is kicked and stays on the ground in bounds, both he and the other player on base run the bases.

Hopefully one or both can make it back to home base and score.

Each player that makes it back around to home base gets one point.

Play continues. When a team gets three outs, they switch places and the team who was fielding now becomes the kicking team.

A full round is over once each team has kicked.

Players can determine the number of full rounds to play before the game begins, or set a time limit.

The Finale

Once the rounds or time is reached, the team with the most points wins kick ball.

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