Keep Away Game

Keep Away game is one of the fun kids outdoor games and beach games.

Have some good clean fun with your friends as you get to cool off, too.

You'll want to keep the ball away from one player, or you'll end up in the middle surrounded by your friends trying to get the ball back so you can rejoin the group.

Adult supervision is needed for this.

The is played in shallow water so younger kids can play as long as an adult is close by.

This activity is fun at the beach as well.

Always supervise the players and keep them in the shallow part of the ocean if you're at the beach or lake.

Before You Start

3 or more players
Ages: 8 and up
Need beach ball


Give one player the beach ball.

He stands in the middle of the pool (waist deep water) while the other players scatter around him in the shallow end.

Make sure the water doesn't go above a player's waist, especially if you're playing at the ocean.

Another player is "it".

At the shout of "go" players begin throwing the beach ball back and forth to each other, keeping the ball away from "it".

The person who catches the ball needs to watch out for "it" so he's not tagged.

"It" is allowed to try and tag players who have the ball.

No rough playing allowed! The ball cannot be taken from a player who has caught it.

The only time the ball is fair play is when the ball is in the air.

A player who is tagged by "it" or who doesn't catch a ball which "it" intercepts is out for that round.

The first player that this happens to is "it" in the next round.

The kids can play as many rounds as they like.

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