Jumbled Words

Jumbled Words is one of the fun brain games and child party games.

It's good for concentration and one of the fun learning ideas for kids.

Teachers can play this with the kids for more vocabulary building and teamwork playing.

The goal is to unscramble words to make another word.

Let the kids get their thinking caps on as they have fun.

It's creative to think of new things!

Parents may want to play along with the kids!

These are fun for the entire family.


2 or more players
Ages 9 and up
Need pencils and paper

Have Fun!

Begin by giving each player a scrambled word. Set a time limit of 30 seconds for the word to be unscrambled.

An adult can choose a word and scramble it, or one of the players can take turns choosing words.

For younger kids, try using 3 letter words. Older kids can use 4 to 10 letter words, depending on their ages and their abilities.

Example, players are given the word "suhoe". This unscrambles to become "house".

"Nmykeo" will be unscrambled to become "monkey".

The player who unscrambles her word the fastest is the winner of that round. She then scrambles a word for the next round.

You can also choose to scramble 5 or more words and give them to the players.

The player who correctly unscrambles his words the fastest wins and chooses the words for the next round.

The overall winner is the player with the most words after a certain number of rounds are played.

Or, set a time limit and see who comes up with the most words after the time is up.

Categories may be chosen and the unscrambled words have to fit into that category.

Animals, foods, drinks and places are examples of categories.

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