Jelly Beans game

Jelly Beans game is one of the fun mind games and cool guessing games kids will love!

This is good for younger math classes as it reinforces counting and numbers.

Parents can play at home to strengthen their kids' mathematical skills.

This is also good for playing at kid's birthday parties, picnics or during recess or after school programs.

Learning, especially for younger kids, should be fun.

When they equate education as something that's not a chore or hard, they will seek more of it out. And, that's a very good thing!

Before You Begin

2 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need 12 beans for each player and
1 small lunch or plastic bag per player


Begin by giving each player 12 jellies and a bag.

Player # 1 puts her hand in her bag and grabs some beans. She pulls her hand out and asks player # 2, "Odds or evens?"

Player # 2 takes a guess. If he is correct, player # 2 wins the beans in player # 1's hand.

If he guesses wrong, player # 2 has to give player # 1 the same number of beans that player # 1 has in her hand.

It's now player # 2's turn.

He reaches into his bag, pulls his hand out with some beans in his closed hand and asks player # 3 - (if only two people are playing this game, he asks player # 1), "Odds or evens?"

Play continues like this. If a player loses all his beans, he is out.

It's Over When

The player who gets all the beans, or the player with the most beans if a time limit has been set, is the winner.

The kids can eat all the beans when play is over!

For those who have lost all theirs, they can take some from the bag, so be sure to have lots on hand!

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