Jacks Game

Jacks game is fun for one player or more! It's one of the agility games that needs great hand - eye coordination and concentration.

It can also be played inside on a floor without carpet.


1 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: set of jacks (with a ball)


Players kneel down.

One at a time, each player puts all jacks on the back of her hand, tosses them in the air and then catches them in her hand. The player who catches the most starts.

He tosses the jacks on the ground so they're spread out from each other.

He throws the ball in the air (don't throw it too high!), picks up one jack (in the same hand he threw the ball with), lets the ball bounce one time and catches the ball with the same hand.

He moves the jack to the opposite hand and goes again, again picking one jack up.

He does this a total of ten times (picking up one jack each time) since there are ten jacks on the ground.

After the ones are done, then play continues with two jacks being picked up each time the ball is tossed in the air.

For 3's, 3 groups of 3 jacks are picked up, then another ball toss is done to pick up the remaining one.

The same with 4's, 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's. There is an extra ball toss to pick up the remaining jack(s).

When he reaches tens, he must pick up all ten at once.

If a player fails to pick up the correct number of jacks or drops one or doesn't catch the ball, it's the next player's turn.

Players start with the number they made a mistake on at their next turn.

Whoever makes it through the tens is the winner.


Another way to play this is to pick one jack up on the first throw, 2 on the second throw, 3 on the third throw until all jacks are picked up.

A player must keep the jacks she picks up in the same hand she throws the ball with.

Once she has all of them, she puts them on the floor, tosses the ball in the air and picks up all ten jacks.

The player who does this is the winner.

Eggs In a Basket

Toss the jacks on the ground. The player puts his hand that is not throwing the ball on the ground, palm cupped up (the "basket").

He must toss the ball, pick a jack up, put it in the "basket", and catch the ball on its bounce. Play continues through tens.

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