All questions asked must be answered with the initials of the players answering the questions.

This is a fun brain game and one of the cool kids games to play.

While it may sound like it's easy, it's really not! It is, however, loads of fun!

This can keep kids and parents occupied when heading for vacation.

Or a rainy day game when you want the kids to turn the tv off.

Teachers will find this fun to play at breaks with the kids.

Or incorporate this into English class and let the children have fun as they learn. When fun equates to learning, more will be done!

Before you Begin

2 or more players
Ages 7 and up


Pick one child to ask the questions in the first round. He asks every player a question.

The object is to quickly come up with two legitimate words and things that you can actually find at the grocery store! Have fun with it!

Example, "What color is your dog, Sam Smith?"

Sam can answer, "super silver", which has the S from his first name and the S from his last name. The object here is to have fun and come up with silly answers!

The next player turns to Josie Perry and says, "What do you like to get at the grocery store when you go shopping?"

She answers, "jelly pretzels"! Keep in mind that the answers don't have to make sense!

Play continues until each person has been asked a question and answered. If a player cannot come up with an answer, he is out.

After each round, the last remaining player is the new asker. Then play continues as before.

The play can be over after a certain amount of time has elapsed or a certain number of rounds has been played.

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