Hungry Lion

Hungry Lion is a fun child's activity - and one of the cool kids games that's easy to learn and play.

You've probably all seen lions at the zoo or on tv.

This play idea doesn't use real ones, but you can pretend to be the majestic king of the forest.

This activity lets kids play a lion and try to capture the other players.

The more there are, the harder it becomes to avoid being caught by the big cat.

Strut around the circle like these big cats do, trying to turn other players into lions, too!

This is suited for elementary school gym classes and for breaks when the kids are on the playground looking for a fun, active activity to do.


6 or more players
Ages 7 and up


Begin by making one player the lion and one player the lion handler. The lion chooses where to stand and the handler stands near him.

The other players stand in a circle shouting, "lion, lion come out of your den".

The handler then shouts, "loose" and the lion runs out to try and catch the other players.

When he catches a player, the player has to try and escape before the lion shouts "lion" 3 times.

If the player can't escape, he becomes another lion.


Play continues in this manner. The winner is the player who avoids capture by the lion.

It isn't easy to avoid being captured when you're the only one left!


The next round, another lion and handler are chosen.

Try and play enough rounds so that every child is either the lion or the handler.

You may set time limits on the rounds.

This should give all kids a chance to be a handler or lion.

Have fun playing!

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