Huckle Buckle Beanstalk

Huckle Buckle Beanstalk is one of the fun indoor camping games and school games for kids.

This is great for child party activities or classrooms.

Teachers can play this anytime the kids want a break.

It's another fun play idea that has been around for quite some time.

An old fashioned and clean fun time with all your friends.

It lends well to being played spontaneously.

Kids both young and old alike will love to have fun playing this timeless classic that their parents played.

You'll probably pass it down to your children, too.

Before You Play

5 or more players
Ages: 6 and up
Need object such as fruit, crayon or small toy


One player chooses an object and shows it to the other kids. The kids close their eyes (or leave the room) and he hides the object.

Don't hide the object so it can't be seen though! A small piece of it should be visible to those who look for it.

Players then open their eyes (or return to the room) and try to find the object, using only their eyes! No moving is allowed.

child's toy

Players can stand by their desks if at school or form a circle around the room.

Once a kid spots the object he shouts out, "huckle buckle bean stalk", and sits down, either at his desk or on the floor.

Play continues in this manner with each player shouting out, then sitting down, when they spy the object.

When all players have found the object and are seated, the first player who spotted it, quietly (so other players can't hear) tells the hider where he saw the object.

If he's correct, the object is retrieved by the hider and the player who spotted it is the new hider (if time permits).

If he's not correct, the second child who spied the object whispers to the hider where she saw it.

If she's correct, she's the new hider.

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