How Many Miles

How Many Miles is one of the fun kids car games and brain games.

Kids want to guess how far it is to a certain place or object.

Miles can be used or how long it takes to reach it.

Parents can also join in as it's hard to calculate exactly how far something is.

Ever been on a trip and it seems to take forever to get there but on the way back it seems to be much faster?

That's our sense of time calculations at work.

The way back, things look familiar to us, and we may not be anticipating getting back home after a nice vacation, so time seems to fly.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages: 8 and up


One player begins by choosing an object. Objects can be buildings or signs, anything a player can spot in the distance.

Players then give their estimate of either the number of miles to the selected object or the number of minutes it will take to get there.

Make sure you have a stopwatch if you are playing by minutes. Most cars have a trip odometer that tells you the mileage.

Each round should be switched up so that one round players are guessing the mileage and the next round the time.

No 2 players can choose the same number of miles or minutes. The player who is closest to the miles or time is the winner of that round.

The overall winner is the player who wins the most rounds.

Again, this is a great activity for longer car trips but it also keeps the kids occupied for shorter jaunts around town, at least 20 minutes or longer.

The kids may still say, "are we there yet?" but they won't be talking about the trip destination but the destination of the object they picked out!

It will give kids a better sense of time. They'll learn that it takes longer than they think to reach a certain object.

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