Hot Potato Game

Hot Potato game is one of the fun child party games and teamwork games for kids.

Another fun play time with one that has been loved for years and years.

Your grandparents probably played this when they were growing up and having their own birthday parties.

Ask your parents if they played it, too!

This is a fun gym activity for younger kids at school.

Teachers can use a table tennis ball to make it easier for the kids to catch and pass around.

For school fun, you can have the kids pass the table tennis ball to the child on their left.

That way the ball isn't being thrown around the room!

Before You Begin

6 or more players
Ages: 4 and up
Need small potato or table tennis ball


Have the kids sit in circle formation on the floor. One player will be in the center with the potato (or ball).

At, "ready, set, go!", the player in the center closes his eyes and tosses the potato to another player. That player than tosses it to another player.

Play continues with each player tossing it to another player as soon as they catch it.

At any time, the player in the middle can call out "hot!" and play stops.

The player who has the potato is out of the game. If the potato is in the air, the player who threw it is out.

Play continues with the player in the center (eyes closed) tossing it again to another player.

If a player doesn't catch it, someone needs to get it and continue tossing it.

The End

The winner is the last remaining player (the center player doesn't count!).

He then goes in the middle for the next round if one is being played. Good luck and have fun!

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