Hot Cold

Hot Cold is one of the fun outdoor party games and hide and seek games for kids.

If playing this at a party, make sure to have trinkets that the kids would love to have!

This is perfect for parties as there are usually lots of kids there.

The more the merrier!

Candy is usually a good choice, too, as are pennies.

Stickers are another good object.

While 2 kids can play, it's more fun if a larger group can play.

More objects can be hidden around the room or yard. It won't take as long with more children involved.

Before You Start

2 or more players
Ages: 4 and up
Need small toys, candy


Pick one player to be the seeker.

He leaves the room or the area if outside while the other kids hide an object such as a small toy or candy.

The seeker comes back and wants to find the hidden object.

As he moves around the room or area, the other players shout out "you're getting warmer" if he gets closer to the object, or "you're getting cooler" if he gets farther away from it.

The closer he gets to finding the object, he gets "warm", "warmer", "very warm", or "on fire".

"On fire" means he should be able to find the object. He's probably right on top of the object!

So close that he could reach out and touch it! And, hopefully he will soon!

The further away he gets from the object, he gets "cool", "cooler", "cold", or "freezing".

"Freezing" means he's way out of the area where the object is hidden.

This is his clue to turn around and go a different way.

Once the player finds the object, it is his to keep.

The play continues until each player has a chance to be the seeker and finds an object to keep.

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