Horse Game

Horse Game is one of the fun basketball games for kids and cool activities for outdoors.

The animal actually isn't involved in this play!

But you will have loads of fun playing it with your friends nevertheless.


2 or more players
Ages 9 and up
Need: basketball


Begin with choosing who shoots first, second, third, etc.

The first player tries to shoot a basket from wherever he chooses. Any type of throw is acceptable.

If he makes a basket, the next player goes. This player has to make the same shot from the same place as the first player.

If this player or any following players miss the shot, they get the letter H.

If players make the basket, they do not get a letter.

After each player takes a turn, player # 1 shoots again from a different spot.

All the players then follow his lead, shooting from the same place.

If players miss, they get another letter (the letters are "H" "O" "R" "S" "E").

If player # 1 misses a shot, player # 2 then becomes the leader and shoots from wherever she wants.

Subsequent players must shoot from where she did.

If player # 2 doesn't make the shot, player # 3 becomes the leader.

Play continues until either only one player is left standing or until one player gets all the HORSE letters.

You can play as many rounds as you want once one player has won depending on the number of players there are.

This is a very fun activity for kids. Sometimes you make all the shots and sometimes you don't!

That's what's part of the fun!

You can make one shot one time, then be back at that some spot and miss your basket!

Keep playing and have fun!

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