Hop Tag

Hop Tag is one of the fun team games - and fun outdoor activities - for kids.

It's also great as agility play ideas since kids need good coordination.

Before the Fun

7 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: chalk or sticks for making lines


If you have an odd number of players, then the odd man out will be "it".

If there's an even number of kids, have one child sit out each round.

Make an outline of the playing field, about 20 feet wide and 50 feet long. Then draw a circle about 5 feet around in the center of the field.

Divide the players into 2 teams with the same number of kids. Odd man out is "it".

Each team lines up beside each other, one team at each end of the field.

"It" stands in the middle of the field, calls out, "ready, set, GO!" and the players have to hop on one foot from their end of the field to the other end of the field.

"It" is allowed to be on both feet if he's in the middle, but he has to hop once he comes out of the circle.

"It" tries to tag players as they hop across the field. If a player is tagged, he's out for that round.

Players who put their other foot down are out of the round.

Players who make it to the other end of the field are safe and can stop hopping.

If "it's" other foot touches the ground while he is hopping after other players, he has to go back in the center and start again.

Drum Rolls

The team with the most players safe wins.

For younger kids who may tire out quickly hopping on one foot, you can let them hop on both feet.

We hope you have fun with this!

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