Holiday Symbols

Holiday symbols is one of the fun Christmas activities for kids, Easter games for kids and halloween kids games.


Ages 2 - 5


As the different holidays approach and you're either shopping with your child or decorating at home, explain what the different items and shapes represent.


Describe the tree, what a wreath is, what tinsel or garland is, what a present or gift is.

Use words to describe each item - a wreath is round, a tree is an upside down triangle shape, tinsel is shiny or glittery.

Candles are skinny and tall, a rectangular shape.

Stockings are shaped like a sock but are about five times bigger than your child's socks are!

Ornaments for the tree come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Some are round, some are square and some are star shaped to go on top of the tree.


A time for learning a bunny rabbit is soft, Easter eggs get colored and are hard, an Easter basket is filled with goodies.


A time to describe a pumpkin, what trick or treat means, why kids dress up in costumes.

St. Patrick's Day

Perfect for learning about shamrock shapes and hunting for shamrocks in your yard.

Explain why green is the color for this holiday and who St. Patrick is.

July 4th

Lets kids learn about fireworks or what a picnic is. Red, white and blue are popular colors at this time.

There are sparklers and pinwheels with these three colors. Flags are flying that are red, white and blue.

Have fun with these holiday symbols!

Kid Vacations

One of the fun toddler preschool educational and indoor activities for kids.


2 - 5


Let your child describe his dream vacation getaway.

Ask him where it is - the beach or the mountains.

Ask him to describe what the beach looks like - is there sand? What color is the sand? What can you do in the sand?

What color is the water? Is it deep or shallow? What fun things does he like to do in the water? Does he want to go swimming?

If it's a mountain vacation - what do the trees look like? What color are the leaves on a fall vacation compared to a summer vacation?

Does his mountain getaway include a lake? How big is the lake? What is the water color? Does he see fish in the lake?

Let him talk until he's done describing his perfect vacation.

Then let him draw it out on paper. He can describe to you what he's doing as he draws it. Tell him to put as much detail in as he can.

When he's done ask him what vacation he would take if he could go anywhere.

How would he get to his vacation destination? Would he fly on an airplane? Drive in a car? Travel on a train? Ride a bus?

How long would he stay? Where would he stay? In a hotel? Should the hotel have a swimming pool?

Let him have fun with this and use his imagination.

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