Highway Signs

Highway Signs is one of the fun road trip games and kids learning games.

The object is to spot letters on billboard and road signs in alphabetical order from A to Z. Signs on buildings can also be used.


2 or more players
Ages: 6 and up


Players can play against each other, or take turns finding letters in order.

Or split up into teams.

Parents can team up with each other or mom and the girls can take on dad and the boys.

Example, the first player sees a road sign "caution". She calls out "A in 'caution'". If playing against other players, she'll now look for a B.

If playing non-competitively, the next player looks for the B.

Each sign should be used only once - for only one letter - so players need to be quick when they see the next road sign ahead!

Or, if you're on a road where you won't come across many signs, you can use one sign to see if you can find the next letter in the alphabet.

Play continues with either each player trying to find all the letters, or players taking turns finding them.

The End

If each player is trying to find all letters, the winner is the player who finds all 26 letters the quickest.

You can decide if you want to leave the letters "Q" and "Z" out when you play.

If you like a challenge, leave them in! Look for building signs that use these letters.

Stop signs are the most common signs you'll find, so the letters s-t-o-p will surely be spotted as you're playing this!

While this is a great activity for long road trips, it can certainly be played for even 15 minute car trips!

The road is never too short for engaging children in educational activities.

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