Hearts Card Game

Hearts card game is one of the good strategy games for kids.

Get the least amount of points you can!

Stay away from hearts and the queen of spades!

Before You Play

3 - 6 players
Ages 9 and up
Need standard deck of cards
Paper and pencils to keep score

The Fun Starts

If there are 4 players, use the whole deck of cards.

If not:

  • For 3 players - remove the 2 of clubs
  • For 5 players - remove the 2 of clubs and the 2 of diamonds
  • For 6 players - remove the 2 of clubs, 2 of diamonds, 2 of spades and 3 of clubs

Each player will then have the same number of cards.

Begin with each player drawing a card. Highest card drawer deals all the cards, face down, one at a time. Arrange cards by value and suit.

The object is to not win hands (rounds) that have any hearts or the queen of spades.

The queen of spades and all hearts cards are worth points, and the winner in this is the player with the least amount of points.

Next, each player selects 3 cards and gives them to the player on her right, face down.

For 4 players, whoever has the 2 of clubs begins by laying that card down, face up.

For 3, 5 or 6 players, the player to the dealer's left starts with any card, except the queen of spades or hearts.

The next player to the left lays down a card of the same suit as the starting card, if she has one.

If she doesn't, she can throw another card, even a heart, but not the queen of spades. The queen cannot be layed down in the first round.

The round is over once all players have layed a card down. The winner of that hand is the player who layed the highest card that started the suit.

The winner of that hand takes the cards and lays them face down by him. He starts the next hand.

He can lay any card down, including a heart, if a heart was played in the previous hand.

When all cards are played, it's time to add the scores up. A heart is worth 1 point, the queen of spades is worth 13 points.


If one player has all the hearts and the queen of spades, he receives 26 points deducted from his score.

To Win

The person to the dealer's left shuffles and deals. Play continues until someone reaches 50 points.

The winner of the Hearts card game is the player with the lowest score.

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