Kids Hanukkah Party

If you're looking for December theme party ideas, plan a fun Hanukkah party with your child with some cool kids party suggestions.

Hannukah's colors are silver, blue and white so be sure to use these colors in your decorating theme and food and invitation ideas.

Yummy Food Ideas

Ideas for kids party food include potato, zucchini or cheese latkes with applesauce, kosher fortune cookies, jelly doughnuts and funnel cakes. And, how about white cupcakes with blue icing?

You can also make cookies (how about blue M&M cookies?) and cut them into Hanukkah shapes with cookie cutters. Or you can put blue sprinkles on top of the cookies.

Since Hanukkah party food consists of lots of fried food, you can have a tray of fruit and veggies for the kids. Cut up apples and bananas and have baby carrots. Get a recipe for a veggie dip made with sour cream.

Invitations and Decorations

Make your invitations on blue or silver paper. You can draw a star of David or put Hanukkah stickers on the invitations.

If you don't want to use a menorah, buy 9 blue tea candles and put them in white or silver holders. Arrange these in a group horizontally on a table.

Head to the Dollar Store for blue, white or silver napkins, paper plates, plastic cups and a tablecloth. You can also getblue, white or silver balloons, garland and Christmas balls to hang up as decorations.

There are also pinatas with Hanukkah symbols you can buy.

menorah with 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 red lighted candles

Fun Party Games

Fun hanukkah games will keep the kids entertained throughout the party.

Have a scavenger hunt where you hide chocolate gelt around the room.

Buy a pin the tail on the menorah set where the kids try and get their candle closest to the center. Whoever does is the winner and gets a small prize.

You can play hangman using all Hanukkah words, do word scrambles with all Hanukkah words or do word searches also using words that represent the holiday.

Spin the dreidel should also be on the list of party games for the kids. Kids can make their own dreidels from clay using kits you can find at stores.

You can also have a dreidel race. You'll divide the kids into two equal teams and have each team sit across from each other. Give the first child on each team a dreidel.

Shout, "go", and the kids have to pass the dreidel down the line, then back up the line using a hand behind their backs.

The first team who does this, wins. If the dreidel is dropped, it goes to the first child in line to start over.

Another fun activity - draw a white star of David on a sheet of blue construction paper and hang it up at child height. Give each child a Hanukkah sticker.

Using a bandanna or blindfold, blindfold each child, spin them around and then have the child try and place their sticker in the center of the Star.

Whoever puts their sticker the closest to the center wins a small prize.

Enjoy your fun Hanukkah party!

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