Hang Man

Hang man is one of the fun spelling games and kids word games that's been around for ages!

It's also a good concentration game.


2 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need: pencil and paper


Begin with one player thinking of a word. If his word is "monkey", he draws 6 lines, one line represents one letter in the word. _ _ _ _ _ _

The other players now need to guess what his secret word is. One player begins and calls out a letter.

If a player guesses a letter that appears in the word, that letter is filled in where it goes in the word.

Example, a player guesses an "M", the board will now look like this
m _ _ _ _ _.

If there is more than one correct letter, each of the correct letters is filled in.

A player can guess the word, when it's his turn, if he thinks he knows the secret word.

If a player calls out a letter that does not appear in the word, that letter is written off to the side or below the secret word. A circle is drawn to represent the head of the "hanged man".

That player then loses his turn and the next player goes. Play continues in this manner until either the secret word is guessed or until the stick figure of the hanging man is completed.

The stick figure consists of a circle for a head and 5 lines representing the body, 2 arms and 2 legs.


The winner is the player who guesses the word before the stick figure is complete.

If the word is not guessed and the stick figure is complete, the player who picked the secret word wins.

Instead of single words, players can decide to use short phrases or titles of movies or songs.

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