Hand Tennis

Hand Tennis is one of the fun tennis games for kids and blacktop games. It's a fun activity for 2 players.

Leave your racquet at home as you play a fun one on one game against a friend.

Before You Play

2 players
Ages 7 and up
Need: tennis ball, chalk


Using chalk, make the playing area 12 feet long and 7 feet wide.

Draw a line down the center making 2 same size squares. The net is the middle line.

Have the players get into the back of their squares facing each other.

The first player serves the ball, using only his hand, from his side of the court.

He has to bounce the ball once then hit it so it goes over the center line into the other player's area.

The other player must let the ball bounce once before he can hit it back across the net to the other player.

Play continues in this manner.

When the ball is hit out of bounds, doesn't go over the center line or is not hit by a player once it bounces, play stops.

If the person serving made a mistake, the other player serves. Noone gets any points.

If the non-server messes up, the server gets one point and serves again. Only the player serving can get points.

And . . .

The winner is the player with 11 points, but she must win by 2 or more points.

This is a great hand to eye coordination activity.

And, it's fun!! Who says you need a tennis racquet to play tennis?!

You don't!

You can set rules so that only one hand is used to hit the ball, or you can use both hands.

For a real challenge, name which hand is allowed to hit the ball - the left or the right.

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