Hand Ball

Hand Ball is one of the neat tennis games for kids and cool kids games.

This activity needs to be played near a wall - not near windows please!

Before You Begin

2 players
Ages 9 and up
Need: tennis ball, chalk


Draw a playing area with chalk about 20 feet wide and 30 feet long. Draw another line 12 feet from one end. This is the serving line.

Begin by having the 2 players stand in the center of the playing field. Both face the wall.

The player serving first stands behind that line, bounces the ball on the ground one time, and hits it with his palm against the wall.

The ball has to hit the wall and bounce over the serving line to be a good playing ball.

If it doesn't, the server gets another try. Two serves are all that's allowed. If both aren't good plays, then the other player serves.

If the ball bounces back over the serving line, player # 2 has to hit the ball with her palm against the wall.

The ball can only bounce once. Play continues in this fashion.

Each person takes a turn hitting the ball against the wall with his palm.

The players can also hit the ball before it bounces once. But the ball always has to hit the wall without bouncing on the ground first.


These include: the ball bounces twice before being hit, it ball bounces before it hits the wall, or the ball goes out of the playing area boundaries.

If the server makes an error, then the other player becomes the server.

Only servers can receive points. That happens when the other player makes an error.

The server receives one point.

And . . .

The first player who gets 21 points wins. Good luck and have fun!

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