Gomoku is one of the fun thinking games. It's great for teen games, too!

This activity is another old fashioned fun play idea that's been played for years and years!

Classics bring back the good old-fashioned fun of days gone by.

Before You Start

2 players
Ages: 8 and up
Need pencils and paper


Use your school notebook paper, the unlined white paper you use in the printer, or buy graph paper at your local discount store.

Each player draws a grid, 19 lines going across, and 19 lines going up and down.

Decide who will be "X's" and who will be "O's". The "X" player goes first.

The object is to get 5 letters in a row, going across, diagonally, or up and down.

x's and o'x on the playing paper

The letters do not go in the boxes. They go on the lines, where they intersect with each other.

Each player takes a turn, writing his "o" or her "x" on the lines.

Players strategize carefully, making sure to block the other player from getting 5 in a row.

The player who gets 5 in a row first wins that round.

Another round is played, with the players switching "X's" and "O's".


After a set number of rounds is played, the winner will be the player with the most wins.

Or you can say the person who wins 3 or 5 rounds will be the winner, no matter how many games are played.

Fun Yet Challenging

This makes you think!

You have to really pay attention to the board and anticipate moves that your partner may make.

Sometimes the round will go quickly, other times it will go more slowly.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to make your moves more quickly and will get better at anticipating the opposite player's moves.

Have fun with it!

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