Giveaway is one of the easy card games.

It's a good concentration play idea as kids have to remember their, other players', and the middle pile of cards!

Before You Begin

2 or more players
Ages 6 and up
Need standard deck of cards


Each player picks a card. The highest card shuffles and deals the entire deck, one card at a time, face down. Some players may have more cards than others.

Put the cards (don't look!) face down in a pile.

The object of Giveaway is to get rid of the entire stack of cards.

The player to the dealer's left starts and turns over the top card on his stack. If the card is NOT an ace, he lays it face up next to his face down pile.

If it IS an ace, he puts it, face up, in the middle and turns a new card over in his stack. Again, if it's NOT an ace, he puts this card face up next to his face down pile.

If it IS an ace, he puts it beside the other ace in the middle. If it's a 2 in the same suit as the first ace, he lays it face up on the ace.

If he can start a new stack with an ace or add to the sequence of an existing pile, he can draw cards.

If he draws a card he can't play in the middle, he places it face up next to his face-down pile and the next player goes.

The next player turns a card over from her stack. She can put an ace in the middle of the table, and can add sequentially, in the same suit, to existing stacks in the middle.

She can also play on the face-up stack of the first player.

If the card she turns over is one above or one below the top card in the first player's face up pile, suit doesn't matter, she can add her card to that stack.

If the first player's face up card is a 9, the next player can place an 8 or 10 of any suit on top of it.

Each time a player plays a card, he can draw from the stack again. If there are no plays, he starts his own face up pile. Play continues to the left.

Each player turns a card over from her face down pile and tries to play it on the center stack or on any other player's face up stack.

When all aces are turned over, there are 4 middle stacks plus each player's face up stack to play on.


If a card can't be played in the middle look for ways to prevent other players from playing their cards.

When a player's face down stack is gone, his turn is over. His next turn, he has to turn over his face up pile and play with that.

It's Over

The winner of Giveaway is the player who has no more cards left.

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