Gift Pass

Gift Pass is one of the fun kids Christmas party games and valentine games for kids.

Before the start, an adult wraps a present, a small toy or something else that appeals to all of the kids, in at least 10 layers of wrapping paper, taping each layer as she wraps.

It's fun to use different wrapping paper instead of the same for each layer.

You can wrap the gifts in layers according to how many kids are playing.

If there are 5 kids, you can wrap the gift in 6 layers of paper instead of 10.

This makes the fun go on for a bit longer.


4 or more players
Ages: 4 and up
Need radio or cd player for music, present


The kids sit on the floor in a circle. One child is given the present.

The adult starts the music and the kids begin passing the present to each other going around the circle.

The child with the present starts by passing it to the child on her right.

The music quickly stops and whoever has the package removes the first layer of paper.

After she's done the music starts again and the package gets passed around as before.

Once again, the music stops and the player with the present removes the next layer of paper.

Then the music starts and play continues as before.

And . . .

The winner is the player who removes the final layer of the wrapping paper. He gets to keep the prize.

Have loads of fun with your friends!

It's nice to play a few rounds of this so each child has a chance to win something.

You can have the winner of each round sit out the next round. That way only the kids who haven't won a prize are playing future rounds.

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