Ghost in the Graveyard

Ghost in the Graveyard is one of the fun outdoor games for kids and halloween party games for kids.

Safety first!

Make sure there isn't anything in the yard they can trip over.

This should be played outside.

Choose a home base such as a tree, porch or fence.

While it sounds like this should be played at Halloween, it can be played all year long.

While this can be played at any time of the year, it seems to be especially fun to play around Halloween!

You can even play in your costumes before or after you go trick or treating.


3 or more players
Ages: 9 and up


One player will be the ghost.

The other players close their eyes and count to 50 at home base while the ghost hides.

After counting is done, the players search for the ghost.

The ghost will be trying to tag the players unexpectedly before they can get home.

Players should stay at least 30 feet from home base.

If a player sees the ghost, she shouts out and warns other players to run for home.

two yellow ghosts

If a ghost tags a player, she is out of that round.

The round is over when either all players have made it back home or have been tagged.

A new round can then by played with the players who made it back to home base being the counters.

The tagged players are now ghosts and join the original ghost to search for hiders.

Have fun with this and playing with your friends!


The winner is the player who is safely home while all others have been captured.

You can also set a time limit, and the winners will be the kids who have not been found by the ghost.

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