Ghost Game

Ghost Game is one of the cool memory and spelling games - and a fun concentration game for kids.

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Ages 8 and up
2 - 4 players


The object of Ghost Game is to use letters to build a word chain without completing the entire word.

Begin with player # 1 choosing a letter and shouting it out. He chooses, "D" for example.

Player # 2 thinks of a word and calls out the letter "R". Perhaps he is thinking of the word "drive".

Player # 3 then thinks of a word beginning with "dr" and then calls out another letter. If he is thinking of the word "drink" he calls out "I".

Players must avoid calling out a letter that would complete a word. In the above example, if a player called out "Y", that would spell "dry" and be a complete word. He would then be out for that round.

If a player calls out a letter and the next player doesn't think the word exists, she can challenge the player to prove the word exists. A dictionary is helpful here.

If that player cannot think of a word starting with those letters, he is out of that round. If he can prove a word exists using those letters, the challenger is out for that round.

Example, player # 4 calls out an "I". The word would then be "drii". The next player can then challenge him to prove a word exists that starts with those letters.

Try to avoid using names of people, places and things, in this.

If a player spells a word but doesn't know he spelled a word, but another player does, then the speller is challenged by that player. If the word is indeed a word, the speller is out. If it is NOT a word, the challenger is out.

The last remaining player in a round starts the next round by calling out a letter.

If a player is out for a round, he receives the letters "G - H - O - S - T." Each time he is knocked out of a round he gets one letter, starting with "G".


The last player remaining without all "G-H-O-S-T" letters wins.

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