Geography Game

The geography game is one of the cool spelling games and fun car games for kids.

This is fun for both kids and parents alike!

You may just learn something that you didn't already know, and a little lesson in where something actually is is always good to know!

Before you Start

Ages 8 and up
2 or more players
Need: maps or dictionary to verify a place exists

The Fun Starts

Begin with a player naming a place. This can be a city, state, country or continent.

The second player then names a place that begins with the last letter of player #1's place.

Example: Player # 1 chooses "Texas" as his place.

Player # 2 must come up with a word beginning with "S" (St. Paul). Player # 3 then comes up with a place beginning with "L".

He chooses Louisiana as his place. The next player needs a place that starts with "A".

She picks Australia. The next player then needs another place beginning with the letter "A". He calls out "Arkansas".

The next kid picks "Sarasota" and play continues!

Parents will find this fun to play with the kids as it helps everyone learn - and remember - their geography!

Try to come up with towns in your state for even more words and choices when playing this.

For even more choices, you can include lakes, rivers and other bodies of water or places in your state (amusement parks, state parks).

Have fun with it and maybe surprise the kids with a visit to one of the places mentioned.

Play continues until a player cannot name a place. He is then out.

You cannot repeat a place already said. If that is done, that player is out.

The last remaining player wins. Good luck! See how many rounds you can win!

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