Games Kids Can Play With Paper

Games kids can play with paper and pencil (or pens!) are good for fostering strategy, memory and concentration in children.

These cool kids activities offer children the chance to be creative with lots of fun activities including kids travel games and fun brain games.

Kids can draw their own graphs for these or they can use grid paper which can be purchased at a dollar or discount store.

Using notebook paper or printing or copy paper that you have in your printer is fine.

These activities can help pass the time on a long car ride, too.

Kids will need to have a book or magazine handy so they can play these while traveling.

Old Fashioned Fun

Parents will remember some fun classics that they played as kids.

These never go out of style, and it's good to have fun without being on the computer or cell phone.

Most of these fun play ideas require nothing but paper and pens or pencils. Parents can play along with their kids.

Help them foster thinking skills as they play and have loads of fun. So connect some dots, draw some pictures and have some fun!

They're fun in a larger group or with just two players.

These are also great:

  • camping
  • educational
  • birthday party
  • learning
  • strategy
  • and thinking activities.

Enjoy these fun play and entertainment ideas!

Art In The Dark

Connect The Dots

cartoon girl in red dress with red bows in her hair jumping

Dots Game

Dots and Boxes


Magic Squares

Paper Darts


Sunken Ship

Tic Tac Toe

Treasure Hunt

Remember playing these at home? Or maybe in school?!

They provided hours of good clean fun!

Your kids can enjoy the same fun play ideas with entertainment and recreation that doesn't cost a lot of money.

Fun doesn't have to be expensive.

You can have just as much fun with inexpensive ones as you can with computer or video activities!

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