Fun Potato Game

The fun potato game is one of the educational cooking games for kids and toddler activities.

The next time you make mashed potatoes, turn it into an educational learning activity for your child.

Before You Begin

Ages 2 - 5
Need: potatoes, pot


He can see how the potatoes are made from start to finish.

Let him feel the potato before it goes in the boiling water. Ask him to describe how it feels - use words such as firm and hard.

As you peel away the skin, ask her to describe the color of the skin and the color of the potato.

After they're done boiling (and have cooled off!), give him a piece and ask him how the potato has changed since it was cooked.

Is it harder? Is it softer? Has it changed color at all? What color is it now?

Once they're mashed, let him see the change and ask him to describe the potato now - use words like soft, fluffy, creamy and explain what they mean.

Let her be amazed at how such a hard object has turned into a soft yummy thing to eat!

You can also play this with pasta and describe the different textures as the pasta is cooking.

Let her feel how hard the pasta is before it goes into the boiling water.

Let her describe how the pasta feels when it's done cooking and ready to be eaten.

It's no longer hard but soft and chewy, ready to have sauce poured over it for dinner!

Enjoy the fun potato game!

Fun Sentence Game

One of the good preschool educational word activities for kids.


2 - 5


This fun activity helps children learn which action words go with specific things.

You can say, "I ___________ with my hands." Let your child describe what actions are done with her hands - waving, clapping.

Explain how a wave and clap are action words. Actions mean when you DO things.

Then give her another sentence, "I ___________ with my eyes." Ask your child to tell you things she does with her eyes.

That can be blinking, winking, closing them completely when she goes to sleep, or squinting in the bright sunlight.

Other ideas:"I ______ a car." (drive)
"I ______ a shopping cart." (push)

Ask him to act out how to drive a car or push a cart.

Have her act out all her responses. Have her say what she is doing and then let her do it.

Example, if her sentence is, "I ______ with my mouth" and her response is "smile" have her smile at you when she finishes her sentence.

Doing actions while reading helps reinforce the action in your child's mind.

It lets her associate the action with doing.

Other sentences to give him: "I ______ with my feet" (run, walk, jump)."

I ______ with my legs" (stretch, walk)".

I ______ my bike" (ride).

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